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Pets At Peace Crematory, Inc., located in Hampshire, Illinois, was established in 2004.  We possess a wealth of experience in dealing with human loss and grieving families, and we bring that same level of compassion and professionalism to not only the pet owning community but to the pets themselves.


We pride ourselves as being the leader in the pet cremation industry when it comes to the gentle handling and care of all beloved family companions that come to our facility.  They are treated as if they were our own, and they each receive the same respect, dignity and sensitivity in death by us that they received in life from you.


As pet owners ourselves and several of which have lost our best friends, we know firsthand the grief, emptiness and loneliness you are feeling.  These emotions that you are experiencing are very much like the emotions felt when you lose someone close to you.  So when the day comes that you must say goodbye, please allow us to be there to provide the support and guidance you will need to get you through this difficult time.  Making the decision to provide humane after death care for your beloved family companion will give you peace of mind knowing that you truly cared for him or her in life and in death.


Say goodbye to your best friend with a dignified pet cremation performed by Pets At Peace Crematory, Inc.


  • 100% Guarantee that your beloved companion was treated with the utmost respect 

  • Guidance and support

  • State of the art crematory technology

  • Variety of specialty urns & jewelry

  • 100% Guarantee of only your beloved companion's remains returned to you

  • Family Viewing - Private Cremations Only - Contact Us Directly

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