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Pets at Peace

Lay your beloved companion to rest with dignity, respect and compassion.


"I was extremely impressed with the way you all handled this very difficult and emotional detail of Steve's passing. She was the love of my life for 21 years and I miss her dearly..."


"We wanted to say thank you for helping us with the important decisions that needed to be made with Shadow's remains. You made a difficult time for us much easier and we know you took extra steps to make sure that everything was just right."


"Thank you so much for your kindness in helping us with our beloved Nebbie. You have a wonderful and very caring place for all of the pets in this world. Thank you soooo much!!!"


"...for the very sensitive and caring letters you sent us about our pet, Jacques, with whose final journey you assisted earlier this month. "


"Thank you so very very much for taking wonderful care of our beloved Tess! We could tell how we received her back that she was handled with respect and care."

Walk-In Services

Deciding to lay your beloved family companion down is probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make, and Pets At Peace Crematory can assist you.  While we all hope and pray that they will transition on their own, sometimes that just does not happen.  First and foremost, as the Owner, you have options available to you.  Whether you have your beloved family companion laid down at your home or you take them to a veterinarian clinic/hospital, you have the choice of either leaving them at the clinic/hospital or bringing them directly to us.  With a simple phone call, we can set up an appointment (please do not just show up), and assist you with all of the arrangements.  


Let us help you make this incredibly difficult time a little bit easier.

In-Home Services

Pets At Peace provides cremation services to Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  Should you need a recommendation for a Veterinarian in your area, please contact us (847)683-7700.  


The decision to lay your beloved family companion to rest can be one of the most devastating and stressful times you will ever experience.  To make this situation easier on not only yourself but your beloved companion as well, contact one of these highly recommended  veterinarians and speak with them about in-home euthanasia.  

Dr. Laura Bransky, DVM                                           

Veterinary House Calls                                            

39W865 Barnside Court                                          

St. Charles, IL  60175                                               

Phone:  (630) 587-4270

Dr. Debra Junkins, DVM

Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile Practice

11901 North Street

Huntley, IL  60142

Phone:  (847) 669-6635

Dr. Allison Bergin, DVM

Forever Memories Pet Care

Phone:  (815) 242-0201

Service Area:  Northwest Illinois and Southwest Wisconsin

We have recently partnered with Fox Valley Pet Cremation Services.  They specialize in house and veterinary clinic/hospital removals for those who would like Pets At Peace Crematory to perform

the cremation of their beloved companion(s).  They also handle all of the necessary paperwork

involved in making the cremation arrangements, including the delivery of ashes back to owner(s). 

Keith Kmieciak

Fox Valley Pet Cremation Services

Elgin, IL  60123

Phone:  (847) 456-2005 

Service Area:  Greater Fox Valley area.  If you are outside of this area, please contact Keith directly.



Should price be the only factor when choosing a pet crematory as your partner?


Since it made the national news coast to coast, it is pretty safe to say most everyone heard about the human crematory in the State of Georgia and their despicable practices.  While it did not necessarily hurt the pet cremation industry, it did make many pet owner’s wary of pet crematories as well.  This section was created to assist you, the veterinarian, in choosing the right crematory for your clients'. The most important thing to remember is that cheaper is not always better. When "partnering" with a crematory, ask questions about their cremation process. Ask to take a tour of their facility. Make sure that what they are promising you is even feasible. Remember, the more educated you are in the cremation process, the better you are able to assist your clients'.  Pet crematories for the most part are unregulated; therefore, you can and should recommend the pet crematory that has the highest standards, ethics and morals.  Your client’s count on you to do so and will be forever grateful.  No one knows better than you how important our beloved family companions are to us.  We care for them, we love them, and we nurse them when they are ill. 


We want to make sure we make the best decisions for them that we possibly can, in life as well as in death.  Pet owner’s go through a very lengthy process in choosing the right Veterinarian for their beloved family companion.  They place their complete trust in you concerning healthcare issues.  That is why when it comes to the end of their life, pet owner’s turn to you for guidance, support and advice concerning after death choices.  That is why choosing to partner with an ethical, moral, respectful and dignified crematorium is probably the most thoughtful decision you could make for your clients’.

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